Our Policies
Appointment Cancellation Policy


Our Veterinary Health Care Team wants to be available for the needs of all our Clients. As our House Call visits are generally scheduled far in advance, a reminder will be sent 48 hours before the appointment, using whatever contact method you have elected. It is the Client's responsibility to keep our records updated with current contact information. By giving last minute notice or no notice at all, another Pet is prevented from being seen. In order to serve our Clients and Patients better, we have instituted a Cancellation Policy:


“If you cannot make your appointment, please contact us 24 hours in advance to cancel.

Same day cancellation will be charged a fee of $50.″




Euthanasia Policy


We at Animalis are committed to the principle of “Do No Harm.” Therefore, we will ONLY perform Euthanasia on Pets who have an unmanageable disease or those with little or no quality of life remaining.


Pet’s enrolled in the Animalis End-of-Life Care Program:

At home euthanasia is provided primarily to those clients enrolled in the End-of-Life Care Program. A good veterinarian-client relationship is essential to resolve the euthanasia option, having the Pet’s best interests in mind.


We at Animalis reserve the right to refuse to perform Euthanasia. We do not judge anyone for opting for this service, and we will not be offended if the Client seeks this service elsewhere. There are many considerations regarding the decision of euthanizing: medical, financial, ethical, religious, moral, and legal. Both sides (The Pet Owner and the Veterinary Health Care Team) must be in accordance.


Pets not enrolled in the Animalis End-of-Life Care Program:

New or Referred Patients seeking this service must know that Quality of Life Examinations will be performed prior to scheduling euthanasia; including diagnostics and procedures to determine whether it is indeed the proper option. We at Animalis reserve the right to refuse to perform Euthanasia, if we deem so. Charges will apply to any services provided.




Fractious and Aggressive Pets Policy


Safety comes First always!


Pets can be fractious and aggressive for a variety of reasons:  fear aggression, learned aggression, defensive aggression and innate aggression. These can inflict serious injuries to all involved.


It is the Client’s responsibility to inform us before scheduling an appointment of any fractious or aggressive behavior their Pet has displayed in the past. Each case will be evaluated individually as no two Pets are ever the same.


If an appointment is scheduled, Animalis has Mandatory Guidelines which need to be fulfilled by the Client to ensure a safe and successful visit.


In the unlikely event that the Pet is found too fractious or aggressive to provide care - due to the possibility of injury or harm to the Pet, household members and the Veterinary Health Care Team – we reserve the right to bring the visit to a halt and recommend an alternate approach, which may include referral.  In this case, the Physical Exam fee will be waived. The House Call fee and any other fees are due.


Poisonous and Venomous Pets Policy


"The terms poison and venom are often used interchangeably, but they actually have very different meanings. It is the delivery method that distinguishes one from the other. Poison is absorbed or ingested; a poisonous animal can only deliver toxic chemicals if another animal touches or eats it. Venom, on the other hand, is always injected. Every venomous animal has a mechanism to inject toxins directly into another animal: Stab with tails, slash with spines, pierce with fangs or stingers, spike with spurs, shoot with harpoons or chew with teeth."


We at Animalis DO NOT provide services to Poisonous and Venomous Pets.



Safety First! Policy


Whenever the National Weather Service issues a WARNING for Montgomery County, MD for:


  • Severe Thunderstorm

  • Flash Flood

  • Tornado Watch

  • Snowstorm

  • Heat Advisory, etc.


We at Animalis reserve the right of canceling or postponing any appointments on grounds of Safety First.

We will make all attempts to immediately contact you and rearrange the appointment.



We Thank our Clients for their understanding!