Pet Health Certificate


Domestic & International Health Certificates



Are you going to travel with your Pet and need a Pet Health Certificate?       


Our Veterinarian is a USDA-APHIS Accredited Veterinarian

for Category II (Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Reptiles, Rodents, Pot-bellied Pigs and Birds) in the State of Maryland.


Is it for Domestic or International Travel?


Taking your Pet across State lines or from the United States      to a foreign country or bringing your Pet into the United States from a foreign country may have some requirements.


Do you know what it entails?


In order to provide a Travel Health Certificate for your Pet,       we need to check the current regulations with the State or Country your Pet is being transported to; carry out lab tests  and vaccinate your Pet, if required; perform a Physical Exam

(Inspection), and fill in the Forms. All this takes time and requires scheduling, so plan ahead!


Please, check with us well in advance of your travel.