Pet Memorials

Honoring our beloved Pets' Life & Memory!


This area is devoted to our animal companions who have passed on. They left us with wonderful memories of the time they were with us. If you would like to have a special Pet added to these memorials, please contact us.

Enzo (2008-2011)


What do you call four paws and a curiosity? - Enzo.


Enzo was a Sphinx cat who had all the makings of a scientist, though a playful one at that. When he first discovered computer printers, his ears perked up at the sound of something being printed and would race into the office and watch as a piece of paper ‘appeared’ from nowhere as it came out of the printer, but would become very curious and frustrated to see the paper disappear back inside the printer (when it was a two-sided printing job) and start pawing ferociously to retrieve it. Only when his efforts to ‘rescue’ the paper succeeded was his curiosity satisfied. 


It was more than movement which attracted his attention. Rather it seemed to be his desire to study for minutes at a time how something worked. But this young feline scientist with the blue eyes also had his artistic side. His young, soft and pink skin would be almost translucent when the sunlight hit him from behind. Though not one to be held for long periods during the day, bedtime would find him rearranging his human’s arm to the proper configuration (at a right angle with the elbow close to the body, hand close to the head) with space in the middle to cuddle and remain in a comfortable state for the remainder of the night.

Duna (2003-2014)


Everyone’s dog is special. Duna was complex as well as being special and very caring, sometimes in a parental way.


A beautiful  and sweet tempered Whippet, Duna’s name came from the coloration on her body which was a mixture of beige and white with some edging of black in a pattern that resembled the shoreline and dunes of a beach. That is why she was given the Portuguese word for sand dune. 


Yet, she was not a water dog. She was very uncertain about the rushing in of the tide, despaired of baths and sulked when needing to go outside in the rain. Yet, in her complexity, she loved the snow. To walk, run, leap, and bury her nose in a snowbank was one of her greatest pleasures, probably owing to the act of her father being Scottish.


As she grew and came to know many people visiting, showing excitement each time in meeting new and old friends, she also revealed her tastes for all things dairy and, surprisingly, asparagus. Pleasure showed in her eyes when licking a small dish of ice cream. 


These were all the signs of the child lying within her, but she showed her maturity of caring when waking up at any hour of the night to greet a latecomer at the door; paws against the body, a lick, a general check-over to make certain all was okay before returning to bed.

Red (1998-2014)


"The smallest feline is a masterpiece." - Leonardo da Vinci